Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worlds coolest boyfriend

I have the worlds coolest boyfriend. Ya he lives at least 6 hours away from me. But that is ok. Tonight he stayed up and helped me study for a final I have tomorrow. We worked on it for a couple hours. He had no idea what he was even quizzing me on most of the time (Astronomy). I tried to escape but he was determined. I even facebook messaged his sister for help! (Did not work.) In the end we got through it all. I was (and am) pretty tired.
He says:
and...thats all
you are studied
I say:
He says:
what now
I say:
do i get nachos?
He says:
do you want nachos?
I say:
He says:
then you get nachos
See? What a good boyfriend. He lets me have nachos at 11. Cool.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Floral Class

I am in a Floral Design class this spring at school and here are some of the arrangements I have done.

This is a Dutch spiral wrapped bouquet.

These are a wrapped bouquet I did.