Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am halfway excited to begin school again on Monday. Having something to do all the time will be exciting, but I'm not sure that I want that "something to do" to be school. I am excited for the classes I am taking. I think they will be a lot of work, but will be ones that I enjoy. I am taking a break from my major (Technology Engineering Education) while I decide if that is really what I want to do. Instead, I am taking lots of General Ed classes that I will have to take eventually anyways, and have to be finished with before applying to the other major I am considering, Elementary Education.

I am excited to get new school things and to organize them all. A few weeks ago my mom, sister and I went school shopping. I didn't get much, but I really like what I did get: a button up shirt, a sweater/jacket thing, and a bag.

I also recently got another bag that I totally love at the local Farmers market. She sells them here. They are wonderfully big and bright. I am going to use mine for textbooks on lighter days, and for groceries when I remember to go shopping.

I am looking for a job on campus and it isn't going too well. I have applied to lots, but heard back from none of them. I just have to keep looking I guess.

I have been looking for simple things to cook for dinner that I can easily reheat the rest of the week for lunches. What are things that make good leftovers? What are some that are fast to make when I am tired after classes?

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  1. Here are three of my favorite quick, cheap recipes with good leftovers: