Monday, September 14, 2009

Stormy Monday

They called it stormy monday,but tuesday is just as bad
Oh, they called it, they called it stormy monday,
But tuesday, tuesday is just as bad
Oh, wednesday is worst and thursday oh so sad

The eagle flies on friday now, saturday Ill go out to play
Oh, the eagle, the eagle flies on friday saturday Ill go out and play
Sunday Ill go to church, and I fall on my knees and pray

I say, lord have mercy, lord have mercy on me
But lord, lord have mercy lord have mercy on me
You know Im crazy bout my baby
Lord, please send her back home to me


  1. We could really use some rain here. My husband is racking up the water bill watering the new grass seed he just planted.

  2. The rain has been nice for the grass. It rained a lot earlier this year (days and days) and the grass looked great. Unfortunately things dried out for Summer.