Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life's too short to have a boring umbrella

Due to a large storm starting late yesterday and growing into everything a storm should be, there were lots of umbrellas on campus today. Walking to class this morning there were those who had umbrellas, those who wished they had one, and those who weren't awake enough yet to realize that they needed one. Oh, and a few like me who had a waterproof jacket and whose roommates didn't and they needed the couple umbrellas in the apartment more than I did. That pretty much covers everyone.
As I was walking, I noticed one girl had an umbrella. A rather large one. She saw someone who had woken up enough to realize it was raining, but not until he was outside in shorts and a t-shirt. She ran up to him and walked next to him, sharing her umbrella. I heard her introduce herself and walk towards the building he was going to. As they reached the doorway, she said "Nice to meet you" and ran off to class. I think the guy smiled the whole day.
Later, as I was walking back to campus for a later class, I had an umbrella. I don't know where it came from, it just was here in my apartment when I moved in. It is one of the cool ones with the pointy thing on the tip and the curved handle. The best part about it is that printed on the cloth-ey part is this painting, Poppies at Argenteuil. Makes for a pretty bright umbrella. Noticing the looks I was getting from my brightly colored umbrella, I started looking at others. For the most part, they are terribly boring! Black and navy were the most common colors! Where were the neons? the pastels? the Anything-but-black's? As if rainy days aren't blah colored enough, at least get a colorful umbrella.

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