Thursday, January 1, 2009

BBQ Sauce

I asked my sister what to write about today, and she told me to write about BBQ sauce. So here we go I guess...
My sister had a lovely experience today with BBQ sauce. We went out to dinner tonight, and she got the kids menu rib plate. It was a meaty little rack of 4 ribs. I honestly think she got more sauce on her than in her mouth. In the end she was rubbing it on her hands and face. Basically making herself a total mess. My family was cracking up, as was the waiter. In the end she said that the ribs were good, which means that SOMETHING ended up in her mouth.
Our night out to dinner was the reward for cleaning the house and putting away the Christmas decorations. The house looks strange without all the Christmas things everywhere. Definitely is cleaner though. It will be strange to leave to go back to my apartment next week.

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