Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick Day

I am sick today. It is not fun. Not one bit. I was scheduled for 12 hours in classes today. First one was at 8 AM and I was supposed to get done at 10 PM. My teacher let us out three hours early though. Still meant that I had that class for 3 hours, but still. (Here I will ramble about today, no idea what I am even thinking. Read at your own risk) Getting home at 7 instead of 10 is a nice thing. I got home and immediately crashed on the floor with a blanket for about 45 minutes. I finally got dinner after roommates commanded me to. I ate and went and lay on my bed crying for a while. Called my parents and they told me that they wanted me to come home. So after a while I did. So now, I am at home doing pretty much the same thing I was at my apartment.

Being sick has messed with my brain and so now I am going to write about my favorite memory of being sick. I was about 7 and had a fever and a cold or flu or something. It was late and I was up with my dad because I couldn't sleep. He showed me a secret stash of Hershey bars and gave me a couple Popsicles. I most distinctly remember sitting wrapped in a blanket with a chocolate bar on my lap, Popsicle in hand watching South Pacific with my dad. Although I was sick, it is still one of my favorite memories.

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