Friday, December 19, 2008

More snow but at home this time

Finals are finished and there is nothing else I can do for any of my classes. My grades are astuck being whatever they are at. I am going to miss a lot of my friends from various classes, but am excited for next semester.

I am home for Christmas break. That in and of itself is cause for celebration. But the problem is that I miss my roommates now that we are all home. It is also weird to have nothing random going on. Usually if I get bored, I can just go talk to one of them and they will be doing something fun or will remind me of something I need to do.

There is a lot less for me to do around the house here. At my apartment I have to cook dinner if I want to eat. I have to keep everything cleaned up or it turns into chaos. Here, it is already done! Very strange.

I went to go visit friends at the high school today. It was really fun to see some people who I haven't seen in a few months. I got lots of hugs and a chance to talk. When I was done visiting people I looked outside and it was nearly a blizzard. After fighting through the crazy wind that was trying to kill me, I had to drive home. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive. It took me over twenty minutes to make a five minute drive. The visibility was poor. My guess is about three houses was maximum. As I would pass a house I was slowly able to see the dark space where the third house down was.

Once I got home I took a few pictures to try to show how snowy it really is.


  1. Question or two.
    #1. How the hey are you?
    #2. Are both your blogs listed current? Or just this one?

  2. This is the most current one, I am changing the purpose of the other one. It won't be updated nearly as often as this one. I am doing great though.