Friday, December 12, 2008


The name for this blog came from a box. I know, that is rather strange, but it is true. I was getting Christmas lights out to put up in my room and I looked on the back of the box. Now, I have this strange habit of reading EVERYTHING. Cereal boxes, billboards, ads, and apparently light boxes. The box lists the typical Caution: touching wires that may have lead in them has been found in California to cause cancer etc. (I think that notice is on everything in California.) then the Very Important! electrical announcements (This product might shock you unless you read the instructions. It just KNOWS who has read them). Then I see the heading Spare Parts. (2 twinkler bulbs, 2 regular bulbs and 2 spare fuses if you were wondering.) I have been thinking about making a blog and I figured that would be as good a name as any. So I went for it.
I am sure that story was just fascinating, but I don't exactly have a direction I am taking with whatever I post here. It is all going to be just Spare Parts.

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